Here is a quick rundown of our whereabouts.  Please give us a text, call or email.  We should have contact most of the time.  Remember, though, we will be 9 hours ahead of Pacific time :-)
July 1 -  July 2: 
     We fly from Lewiston, ID to Seattle to Vancouver BC, to London, and finally to Rome.  Quite a flight and a lost day in the process.  We leave ID about noon on the 1st (PDT) and get in at 7:00 pm (Italy) on the 2nd.

We will be in Rome until July 6.

July 6 - 8Pisa
      The plan is to take a train from Rome to Pisa.  We will spend a couple of days there.

July 8 -  12:  Vernazza
     The big Gathering with Jerry, Steve, Kari, Paul and family.  We will all have a few days in Vernazza, part of the Cinque Terra region.  This is a picturesque series of small towns along the western coast, with the local buildings morphed into the cliff sides.

July 12 - 19:  Siena
    Next we'll move on to Siena  for a week.  We want to take some time to explore the city and surroundings in the center of Tuscany.
Food is on the agenda ....

July 19 - 25:  Bologna
     Moving more northerly, we are going to Bologna, known for good food and wine.  More local exploring and relaxing for about a week.

July 25 - 27:  Milan
     Our final stop is in the city of Milan for a couple of days.  This is our time to experience a bigger modern city in Italy, as well as, one of the Fashion Capitals of the world. 

July 27:  Lewiston

     Taking the long trip back to the urban mecca of Lewiston via London, and Seattle.  Arriving about the midnight hour.

Until then ... ,



Proc Freq
06/29/2010 16:58

Ahhh, but you are only 7 hours ahead of SoSleaziana TIME!!! Yippee for me. XO

06/29/2010 22:53

Don't even think of calling in the middle of the night ... Oh, what the hell, go ahead and call! :-)

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