Our day in Pisa.  We started out walking by the river Arno, very beautiful.  We made our way to the market which is open most days from 8 to 6.  After some more touring, we picked up some fruit, bread, cheese, and beer for a picnic later.  This is a much sm,aller town than Rome, but the are many tourists here to see -- The Tower.  We too made our way there, did the tourista thing, and had our lunch.  After siesta (everything here closes from 1 to 3) we went out for the night.  After a light appetizer of chips and a couple of glasses of wine, we were ready for dinner.  The town was pretty rowdy as the World Cup game (Spain Germany) was on.  Many locals were wearing Spanish flags or gear.  A few German tourists tried to keep up, but were out numbered.  We had a nice pasta dinner and walked home among the singing, drunk fans.

Tomorrow we head to Cinque Terra.  We are supposed to meet Jerry and Steve when they come in via train here.  Kari and family may arrive too, and we will all head out together.  We'll see what the connection is like there.  Until then ...
Along the river.

A lot of narrow streets full of people, cars, and speeding Vespas.

The produce market.

Tomatoes, fruits, squash, ... everything!

Pancetta, hams, salamis, wow!

A pick-me-up for Beth.

The big attraction.

... and the tourista picture ...

Finally we get to eat!  Picnic was good!



Darryl and Sherrill
07/07/2010 15:57

We are having much fun reading your blog and it almost feels like we're there too. Probably the closest "we'll" ever get. Thanks for taking the time to post on your blog - we look forward to each update. Awesome pictures too.

Lynn Price
07/07/2010 16:11

Am so happy Vespa II is with us....no doubt a zippy little thing given its ethanol and caffeine fuel. It needs it to keep up with you two!

Thanks again for great photos and update.....

Buon viaggio domani!

love, Lynn

greg & matt
07/07/2010 17:10

It looks like you are both having a wonderful time in Italy. It's so great that we're able to keep up with your adventures :) Looking forward to the next installment. Are you doing all this from your iPhone?

07/07/2010 20:47

Mom, Carol
07/07/2010 20:49

So enjoying your photos....and, Bill, that procuitto looks as good as yours you made....
Keep trucking on kids....great to hear from you..............
Love, Mom

07/08/2010 00:49

Glad you all can enjoy our trip with us. Posting is not too bad when we get a connection, which most of the places we are staying have. Lynn kindly provided us with her netbook that easily slips in my camera bag. Could post some with iPhone if needed, but not with pictures. Off now to meet with the gang...

07/08/2010 09:51

SUMMERTIME and the temps is a risin
Fans are blowin & the garden is growin
But till you get home there is nothin to care about
cause WENDY & Meadow are standin by(not on the bed)
Great pix Say "hi" to everybody for us

07/08/2010 09:53

Always knew the kid had muscles! Hope it didn't tip more when she let go!

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