This morning it was drizzly and gray outside.  Beth stayed in bed getting over a cold while I dragged myself out and up to get ready.  Some hot tea and I was mostly ready.

In the car, U2 was trying to convince me it was a "beautiful day" over the static filled radio .  It sure didn't look like it, but at least the spirit of Jess thought so :-)

The drive to Spokane is a couple of hours.  No problems on the way and the weather was breaking a bit further north.  When I arrived at Tate's Honey Farm, the street was full of parked cars and trucks.  Evidently, I wasn't the only intrepid one out there.  Outside the building people were gathering.  I was told the bees had not arrived yet, but would be there soon.  I checked out the store, bought some gloves and paid for the bees and then went out to wait with the crowd.
Several new beekeepers like me were there, along with the old veterans.  Soon the truck and trailer drove up and we all watched with anticipation as the packages were unpacked.  The bees are packed pretty tight in the screened packages, but a few must get out somewhere, and they were buzzing all around.  After a short while, we lined up as the owners at Tates yelled out orders.  Young and old, we all quickly jumped up to get ours when called, happily carrying off the humming boxes.  I picked up just one, but many people went off with several.

Back at the car, I got them settled in.  The package was gently humming and buzzing.  Driving back seemed to take forever.  In Oaksdale, I stopped for a bit and the package in back was buzzing really loudly.  I realized I had turned the heat up a bit and the bees were getting very active back there.  I turned it down and opened the window some to cool them off.  A few minutes later when we all got to Garfield, they were quiet again.The can on the top is food for their time in this box.  It will get pulled out when we install and the bees will be dumped out into the hive.  The queen is next to that toward the top of the box in her own cage.  That's why they are all clustered up there.

By the time I got back, the weather here had lifted, but it was quite windy.  I decided to give the girls a break and set them up in the back bedroom for now.  They had been riding in trailer or car for many hours (they came from Northern CA), so some still and quiet couldn't hurt. 
I've sprayed some sugar syrup on the screen to keep them eating and busy.  Tomorrow we'll take the big step and introduce them to the hive.  Until then, they are resting, quietly humming to themselves.........


Proc Freq
04/20/2011 15:44

The spirit of Jess DEFINITELY thought so!

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