Much planning.  Anticipation.  Far off, next year, in the future .... Next week!  This weekend!  Tomorrow!!

And here it is.  A trip to Scotland and Ireland.  It has come up on us very fast and we have been busy getting in gear and ready to go.  In the hectic preparations before leaving, however, I take a moment out back to enjoy the space.  This time of year, things are changing, greening, growing in the cool air marking a fresh beginning.  I know that when we return, that spurt of newness will be fading into the full heat of summer.  So, I take a few minutes to take in the quiet, ... the sun, ... the new garden, ... the piazza, ... a scratch on Wendy's ear, ... a reflection on where we've been and where we're going.
This time we will be with a large group of friends, celebrating Jerry's 60th birthday.  Well, that was actually last year, but we are all just getting our act together.  Jerry, Steve, Janice, Katie, Jeff, Kari, Paul & Sons, and Sara will already be there when we arrive.  They left a few days ago.  A large cottage in rural Scotland, Culzean House, has been secured for our initial stay.  Before we get there, however, Beth and I took a jump over to Seattle where we will spend the night, then fly off to Vancouver, London, and finally Edinburgh. 
A drive across Scotland after we arrive will take us to the group.  Until then, we had a nice dinner and drinks at Salty's and will soon be off on our way!


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