We did a lot of walking today.  Very hot and humid.  It would feel like Baton rouge for Jess,I'm afraid.  We saw many ruins and famous buildings.  A few stops for wine or beer, a spot of pizza.  A late dinner of lasagna for me and a bacon spaghetti dish for Beth.  Prosciutto  and melon for appetizer.  A good bottle of wine (Santa Christo). It was wonderful.  An after walk down to the Pantheon.  As we were admiring that, Jess sent a text: "Let me know when you go to the Pantheon."  That was too weird!  We enjoyed, Jess. It was beautiful at night.  Now a bit of sleep.  Some pictures below...
The coliseum.  We enjoyed some beers and pizza across the street.  Beth's Vespa above.

Many amazing archways.  The brick work keeps me humble!

A Different job!



Wendy"s Caretaker
07/04/2010 11:04

Don't know what happened to my last note! Guess it went somewhere else.
Happy 4th of July to you also. Yes "Good Girl" is in her own place doing well
Enjoy all the wine & food

07/05/2010 14:02

Loooove the self-portrait in front of the Coliseum, perfect! Just one head missing. XXOO

07/05/2010 14:03

Oh, and the hot, humidness of Rome would far be out-weighed by the fact that it is ITALY and not SoSleeziana. Hope the last day there was great. Great to see the pictures, read the notes and see that little Vespa. Just beware of the real ones!!!

07/05/2010 23:36

Good to hear from everyone. Yes, it is good to be in Italy ... but they don't got that fried chicken!


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