We'll try to post pictures and info here!  Things are coming up fast now!

06/28/2010 15:03

Can't wait! Divertimento e buon appetito!!

06/29/2010 15:48

Thanks. Need to pack!! Looks like I better remember the dictionary too :-)

Wendy"s Caretaker
07/02/2010 11:46

Yeah! the first 3 legs are behind you!
All is well on the home front so far.
Hope that all kitties are there tonight since the coyotes were between the house & barn last night. You left just in time. today is NW weather. Enjoy! have fun! Ma-N-Pa

Wendy"s caretaker
07/02/2010 13:56

Yeah! terra firma accomplished! Wendy wants us to leave! she keeps dropping her "KONG" at our feet!

Campbell, Joan
07/02/2010 19:47

Auguro che lei abbia un buon tempo e tutti gli alimentari italiane è buona.

s. arrivederci!

07/03/2010 01:11

Thanks all. We are rested and eating breakfast. Getting ready to hit the town. Good thing we have google translate for Tegan's messages too! We will enjoy the food too! :-)

W's caregiver
07/03/2010 20:51

So Beth gets a Vespa & Bill has to walk????
Great Pics alls well on the home front Hot tub & ZZZZ's on the agenda
Have fun!!!

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