July 11, 2010

Kari, Paul, and Steven had to leave today, to continue their trip by car through Pisa and on to Monaco, where they will meet a friend before heading home.   We saw them all off at the train station the next morning.  Jerry, Steve, Beth, and I planned to take it easy and enjoy the town a bit.  But first, Beth and I decided to go back to Monterolla (by train this time!) to buy a large platter we spied the day before.  Jerry went with us, while Steve relaxed in Vernazza.  After we made the round trip, we all had some pizza by the waterfront.  I had been eying this woodstove pizza place since we arrived and finally got to try it.  Of course, I was ogling, watching them work :-  )  I picked up some ideas and techniques here and there.  The prosciutto and pesto pizzas were polished off by the four of us in short time.


After lunch, Steve and Jerry went to relax and Beth and I took a swim in the harbor.  This is a popular swimming hole and it was full of people.  The water was cool to start, but quickly felt good.  We swam, watching the people, children, boats, water polo game and town before us.  A quick shower afterwards and we gathered with Jerry and Steve for our final dinner together.  Another wonderful meal with good friends.


Oh, and did we mention it was the World Cup finals that night …  Surprisingly, only a few spots in Vernazza were tuned in.  Being a small town with other attractions, it is not a “sports bar” kind of place.  Beth and I settled into a small bar that we had all enjoyed for a drink before dinner.  When we returned there towards the end of the game, we had to stand towards the back of the narrow, one room bar.  The small TV on the wall was fuzzy and wavy, with someone in the crowd occasionally running up close to it to see the time remaining and shouting the information back to the crowd.  The wonderful barkeep would honk a loud horn or play her Jamaican music (no idea what that came from!) when something exciting happened.  Most there were rooting for Spain, with a few German tourists quietly urging Holland on.  All in all, it was a memorable place to recall where we were for the final game.  The hap-hazard TV, flickering on and off and the crowd gasping every time it happened, along  with the bartender made it all the better.  Tired and ready for new adventures, we stumbled back to our room, up the many steps, to a waiting bed.


We are in Siena now, but it is very late, so that will have to wait.  I will try to post more often as we will be here for a week (until the 19th).  There is much, much to see and tell here.  Until then …


Bill and Beth    

A quick trip back to Monterossa to get a beautiful platter.    Now all we have to do is get that sucker home!

Swimming at Vernazza.

GrandPa rowing the grandchildren out into the harbor.

The busy beach.

Before our final dinner together.

Vernazza at night.

The church clock tower.

Our bartender ...

The World Cup Final.



proc freq
07/13/2010 17:37

keep it coming buddies. You find me a chicken yet?

07/14/2010 01:17

Oh baby have I seen some chicken!!! Usually too busy taking in all in to snap a photo!! Great waiter last night : )

07/14/2010 08:13

07/14/2010 08:19

What great fun this is to hear from you & see the pix before you get home! Knew the fun was taking place when there was no news!!Killer wind came through on Monday & now its cooler. Wendy misses you but is doing ok with the "old Folks"
The reason that game had no takers till the overtime is cause it was a sleeper till the very last few minutes! Hope you want to try the "new stuff" learned in the oven! big slurps from "Black Beauty"!

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