July 4, 2010
Another day in Rome.  Thought we would take it easy today, but there is too much to catch the eye, one thing leads to another and you end up walking the city.  No problem though.  We are tired and hot, but enjoying the sites.   Today we made it to the Spanish Steps, river, and more obelisks than we can count (some “acquired” directly from Egypt as conqueror’s trophys).
More good food – the thinnest pizza I’ve ever had (very good), Gnocchi, ravioli, flatbread and bruschetta.   And as always Gelato and drinks along the way.  How about G&T’s in front of the Pantheon?  We had to go back there as the main portion was closed last night.  The dome is amazing.  It’s hard to believe we are looking at structures built and used during the Roman Empire.
One more day here, then on to Pisa.  Beth is busy decoding the train system …

A beautiful city to walk around.  Many small apartments  everywhere.

The dome inside the Pantheon.

And a cool drink to refresh ourselves.  There's the Vespa again!

Hey Kara!  Foolish and Red need some funky caps!



Lynn Price
07/04/2010 16:55

Thanks to you both for keeping us posted (and photo'd)..... and thank goodness the mystery of the Vespa is solved. Good thing - I was going to ask for a photo of one of you riding it! Guess that will be a job for p-diff to figure out.

Beth, your camera is great (as is your eye)! Any of these with the IP4?

Amo i cavalli cappelli'! So cavalier :-)

Ciao! - Lynn

Campbell, Joan
07/04/2010 21:13

The Vespa looks alot smaller! Hmmmmm.....

07/05/2010 00:14

It's not a small Vespa, it;s just really big beer. We were thirsty!

07/05/2010 10:54

School Bus, Red Bus, Vespa!!What a nutty family!!Was really wondering what the reason was that Beth was riding a vespa and Bill was walking!! Happy that it wasn't a lost bet!
yesterday's new wildlife 3 elk & 2 huge wing span owls + usual deer

M. Carol Price
07/05/2010 20:19

Great photos....looks like the weather is warm,hot, or whatever.....All is well here. Enjoying the pix of such old, old buildings we read about...

07/05/2010 23:39

We've enjoyed Rome, but are ready to move on. Glad all is ok on the home front. We saw a pet store today, but weren't sure Wendy would know the difference from an Italian bone ...

All our love...


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