Another cold night.  27.  I checked the hive window this morning before coming to town to pick up some bark for the yard.  Things looked pretty dismal.  Many bees had fallen off the cluster and few moved when I bumped the hive.  I headed to town with Wendy, wondering what else to do. 

I have wrapped a plumbing heat tape around the hive in the area where the bees are gathered, and covered that with a thermal blanket at night.  I took off the blanket this morning since it was supposed to warm up and be sunny today.  I figured some sun on the hive couldn't hurt.  I was finishing up my errands in town when I got a text from Beth ...

Bees flying!

What's this!?  Maybe some hope after all! 

I hurried home.  The hive was really buzzing.  You could hear it from the back door.  They were very active.

They were at it all day, everywhere I went in the yard, I could hear them buzzing over head.

So, there was some resilience in those girls!  We'll check in tonight when things cool down.  At least they had a chance to eat today, and they'll need it as rain is coming next week .....


04/23/2011 21:16

YEA!!! I have been hoping for response!

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