A nice picture here of the little comb that was there earlier.  It has grown quite a bit to about 5 inches across.  They will continue expanding this heart shaped wax fin until it fills a cross section of the hive.
They "know" just how to do this without any directions!  Young bees produce wax between the segments on their abdomens which they mold using their mandibles to shape into comb.  A long process that takes many bees a short time.


I've also noticed that the last jar of syrup I fed them is only half eaten.  I'm hoping that is a sign that they've had their fill of sugar and are getting enough nectar naturally.

05/15/2011 11:35

Fascinating! Is this still brood comb, then?

Looks like you've got a nice-sized colony. How many came in the original "package"?


Your East Coast Bee Fan

05/15/2011 23:22

Not sure what this will be. I would guess a mix of brood and storage. Their numbers are still smallish. The package started at about 10000, but a full hive could be three to five times that. I lost a fair amount in the initial cold weather also, so they will be working to build up numbers right now. There probably is little to store anyway. Ideally, they will be full strength by the time everything starts popping flower-wise. If things go to plan, the hive combs along the length of the hive will change from brood cells where I introduced them to honey storage at the opposite end. Those last few would be the ones harvested.

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