I've been wanting to make this bread since getting the book, so this was a great excuse.
Unlike the sourdough breads I've been making, this one is enriched with cheese and a bit of oil.  Here I'm using Parmesan, half grated, half cubed.

The bread also called for some additional yeast.  In hind sight, I should have skipped that one.  It was a warmer day and the starter was very active on it's own.  As it was, the dough proofed (and over proofed), quickly.  Here they are bloated in the couche next to some whole wheat SD.  They visibly deflated and let out a sad sigh when scored.

All was not lost, however.  They rose reasonably well in the oven with nice crispy chunks of cheese showing!

The crumb was finer and softer than I'm used to.  This was a nice change from the typical open textured sourdough I've been making.   The larger holes are from the melted chucks of cheese.   It's been delicious bread all week and I'll definitely try it again.  Without the large cheese pieces, it would make a nice hamburger  bun too.



04/08/2011 01:48

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